• Art Biennials and Other Global Disasters. Shown here 'Islands of Tragedy and Fantasy' installation at Pabellón Cuba. 12th Havana Biennial, 2015.

  • Black Mirror/Espejo Negro is the common title and concept for three large scale projects in different media: an ephemeral installation at the Nasher Museum of Art, five corresponding archival photographic suites, and a concluding artist’s book project.

  • 'Naturalizations' is a work in progress based on the production and distribution of a set of masks, which are used in specific social situations. The masks are rectangular mirrors with slits in the eye and mouth areas, and elastic suspenders, which enable the users to move around freely while wearing them.

  • On October 27th, 2014 the world premiere of Abstract Nationalism & National Abstraction: Anthems for Four Voices will take shape as a set of musical interventions at the extraordinary galleries and Music Room of The Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.

  • This conceptual series consists of the presentation and distribution of a new map of the American continent, and the development of public art forms that are dispersed in everyday social spaces and exchanges. While it may be seen as a monument to the epics of migration, its goal is also to critically reflect on the form and function of conventional monuments.